Lions Commemorative Bench

The Lions Bench, originally situated in Colquhoun Square, is now located on the West Esplanade.
The bench was donated in 1974 to recognise the contribution made by well known civic leaders, Cloudy Williamson and Alex Gillespie who were founding members of Helensburgh Lions Club.
Unfortunately the years had taken its toll of the bench which was in very poor condition.
As this is the Centenary of the founding of Lions Clubs International in 1917 it was decided to renovate the bench to mark the event.
Long serving Lions Club members Derek Urquhart and Brian Stephenson took up the challenge and with the help of Helensburgh Community Council and the co-operation of the Local Authority Amenities Department restored the bench to its former glory and installed a plaque to commemorate the refurbishment.
Should any other “owners” of benches need their bench renovating Derek and Brian would ┬ábe pleased to help.